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Angelica Picoco

Angelica Picoco was born in Puglia, in the beautiful town of Monopoli, at the crossroads of history and culture, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by enchanting ancient villages, expanses of centuries-old olive trees and white sunny beaches, Angelica developed a keen interest in design from a young age, as she began to observe her surroundings with a watchful and critical eye.Over the following years, she would show a great desire for affirmation, driven by a strong personality and a healthy dose of irony. She loves to define herself as a person whose feet are firmly planted on the ground and whose head is perpetually in the clouds. She has a well-defined approach to mature, technical and decisive design, yet manages to hold on to a fervent and childlike imagination that allows her to dream big.In 2007, she concluded her studies at the Academy of Interior Design in Rome with full marks, subsequently specialising at the Politecnico di Milano. She oversees prestigious design works both nationally and internationally, which have led to her receiving significant recognition.

“Being a designer is a more of a mission, rather than a job. Like art, design gets under your skin, has an impact on you, excites you, transforms you… It is being able to fill spaces with warmth and harmony, to make manifest an emotion and bare one’s passion. Anything done with love will fill the eyes of the beholder with the same warmth.”



AP studio was born in 2014 out of the desire to provide a consultancy and design service based on placing experience and expertise at the customer’s disposal, so as to bring about an intense synergy between the parties and imbue each project with a real soul, reflected in the uniqueness of each creation.

Balance, elegance and innovation form the basis of the design process through which Angelica accompanies the client, undertaking a journey through their dreams, emotions and desires in order to give the project its very own identity.

AP Studio’s central objective is to plan living spaces that reflect the client’s personality, in which every line and every object communicate something unique, transforming every environment into its own ideal place, where you will always feel “at home”. To achieve this result, Angelica Picoco supports her clients throughout the entire creation process, from the design phase to the construction phase. Starting out from a preliminary interview with the client, she reinterprets their feelings and desires, uncovering every hidden dream and turning it into reality. AP studio operates in various sectors such as: living spaces, commercial establishments, accommodation and catering facilities, boats, professional offices, etc. The common thread is always the exaltation of the environments, maximum optimisation of the spaces and a new approach to the experience of same, giving rise to organised and harmonious environments, in which the clients are able to recognise themselves.







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